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Ranging from t-shirts to mugs to notebooks, TrendE has an  exquisite core of converting the modern trends into a fashionesque mode of products. We sell personalised items to students with the trademark of PSG.

With two outlets, this fruit juice startup makes a six-figure profit and seven-figure turnover per annum. It serves as a real-time platform to help the students learn the basics, importance of management and accounting skills. Also serves as a testing ground for young entrepreneurs to experiment with their new ideas.

Change the way you perceive about IVs!

TechTravels is a platform that arranges the best travelling and accommodation facilities for industrial visits for the students of PSG Tech. Perfectly organised and structured one we make industrial visits not only fun filled but safe.

An exclusive and unprecedented event that has been newly added to the club’s repertoire, to kindle creativity among the students who have spectacular ideas regarding startups. We aim to provide an healthy platform for them to attain fruition in their ideas.

Established with the Fashion Technology department, Fabino provides services such as garment designing, apparel sewing, quilling, producing artworks, handicrafts and customised gifts. 

With all the products created in house, this initiative not only boosts entrepreneurs but designers and creators.

How about social evenings with entrepreneurs rather than evenings at the cafeteria? Whether you want to explore what entrepreneurship is like or want to find your future business inspirations, these evenings are meant for you. The club focuses on arranging regular entrepreneurial sessions with both the achieved and the established.

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