Entrepreneurial Summit

E-Next, the flagship event of the Entrepreneurs Club, is a national level entrepreneurial summit and is a conglomeration of beneficial events, workshops and speeches by eminent entrepreneurs. The primary aim of this acclaimed conclave is to embrace and enlighten the spirit of entrepreneurship among the student community and aspiring startup teams, thereby enkindling them to effectuate innovative ideas.

The spotlight of the event falls on the array of distinguished speakers from around the country who from various walks of life are stars in their own right. Every year the team strives to include novel entrepreneurial events which not only serve as entertainment but are also informative. E-Next also comprises of workshops where experts enlighten the attendees on the various spheres and technicalities involved in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Normally organized annually during the period of February – March is widely received by the enterprises of the region.

Visit ENext 2020 to take a look at the see the latest.

A Look at ENext Over the Years

ENext 2016 - Auto Annadurai
ENext 2016 - Panel
ENext 2016 - Prize Distribution
ENext 2015
ENext 2015
ENext 2015 - Panel
ENext 2016
ENext 2018
ENext 2018
ENext 2018
ENext 2019 - Joshua Karthik
ENext 2019 - Padma Singh Isaac