A Tryst with Entrepreneurship

Divulging into every student’s entrepreneurial desire, we committed to urge the student community to pursue their dreams and to face challenging endeavors by providing them with the opportunity to learn and interact and get inspired from the people who have the impossible, possible. 2019 was all about venturing into the reality of entrepreneurship and to explore the ways to instigate new ideas. To be original, innovative, and to make a reality out of your dreams all you need is A TRYST WITH ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Our Speakers

Joshua Karthik mid.jpg

Joshua Karthik

The man behind the lens that captured the most beautiful and award-winning moments of Samantha and Naga Chaitanya, Virat and Anushka, Priyanka and Nick tying the knot. The co-founder of Stories by Joseph Radhik.


Padmasingh Isaac

Aachi was the brainchild of Mr. Isaac’s relentlessness to create a place for himself in the spices industry. Now being sold in more than twenty five states in India they boast over 200 products.


Aman Johri

A man of multiple facets with his hands in different spheres as he's gone forth and conquered every ball game he's ventured in. Awarded the best defense innovation award in 2018 and the youngest representative if India in the UN.


Mahalakshmi Saravanan

Not only one of the first generation Ted speakers but also the founder and CEO of Women Entrepreneurs India (WEI). This woman who made the impossible possible with her indomitable optimism and empowered thousands of women across India. 


Dr Kim Ramasamy

The Chief Medical Officer at Madurai’s Aravind Eye Hospital has been working with Google since 2013 to eradicate blindness through the use of AI.


Himanshu Bakshi

It’s always inspiring to see how someone can manage to accomplish so much, especially when they are restricted physically. Mr. Himanshu is the manager of international tax and transfer pricing at Ernest and Young. Apart from this, he is also a motivational speaker, a TED-x speaker, chartered accountant, writer


Poonam Shah

Fascinated by rich, creamy and taste tingling desserts, which has been intertwined in our history and culture, Poonam Shah, a Business Management Expert  decided to bring Kulfi and BK Naturals back to the current era.



Agni Steels has been at the forefront of manufacturing high quality TMT Steel Bars since 1992, used for constructions across India. Mr Krishnamoorthy the founder lead the  the fruition of over eight from Africa to South India.


Ranjana Singhal

“People still carry memories of Mud Soufflé with them!” Ranjana Singhal is the entrepreneur who founded On the Go and the most loved dessert of Coimbatore. Her passion, zeal and attention to detail is remarkable making her a key entrepreneur of our day.