E-Club organizes events that focus on creativity, innovation and communication whilst enhancing both the individual and team-building spirits of students. We impart professionalism with an entrepreneurial mind-set in every event we conduct providing a platform for students to strengthen their business acumen.

Focusing mainly on team-building activities as we believe it is a crucial factor that helps in the development of a successful organization. Students are not only allowed to interact with their own peers but are also encouraged to expand their circle and bond with the other participants to enhance communication, social skills and professional interaction. The goal is to augment social interactions during collaborative learning. We make the events both entertaining and rewarding.


Events are conducted once in every fortnight and where we draw people from various departments who can test their skills as an entrepreneur. Conducting these events is not only fruitful to the student but to our own volunteers who organize and take frontline in the execution.

Past Events

Quizino Royale

24 October 2019


Mr Subramani

15 October 2019

Intrams 2k19

22 Septmeber 2019


Mr Karupanasamy

6 September 2019


27 August 2019

Second Year Recruitment Drive


22 August 2019

Travel Mania

4 February 2020

Blend Blast

5 February 2020

Trende Stall

4- 6  February 2020