My EClub Journey

My EClub Journey

During my first year of UG, I honestly had no idea about my future. I didn't think that I would be responsible enough to plan my future properly. That’s when I found friends who belonged to the E-Club. That’s where it all started. I started working for the club just randomly.

The most contributing factor of what I am today is E-Club and the family I’ve got there. The two years of my UG life would’ve been terrible if E-Club wasn’t there. The club made me realize what I was made for. The things I’ve learnt, the qualities I’ve acquired, the management capability which is still growing in me was what I learnt working in the club.

It made me acknowledge what I was good at. I believe that I’m genuinely good at my communication skills. The club and the people motivated my skills to reach another level. I realized I could do more better things beyond the horizon. I was also awarded the “Multi-faceted personality”, an overall trophy during my graduation for being an all-rounder. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to Suresh sir and E-Club for being a major factor for the achievement trophy.

There are a lot of things that we can learn outside our confined circle, which we draw for ourself. I broke the circle, E-Club paved me a pathway for developing myself. Be brave to walk out of the circle, where you don’t belong to.

E-club taught me what leadership is, it is not just sitting in one place and getting things done from others. No, it’s not that. We’ve carried benches, we’ve run marathons inside the campus to get things done, we’ve even served food during events, we’ve been responsible for being wrong at times as well. Be it little or boring or big, work is work. Never be ashamed to start things from scratch. That’s the predominant lesson I’ve learnt here in E-Club. The club has become another home to me. It’s given me a beautiful family as well, to be grateful for the rest of my life.

I think it is never hard if you love the work you do. Keep doing whatever you love, big or small, without expectations, rewards and awards will eventually find their way.

Thank you E-Club for the precious memories, which I’ll keep cherishing forever :)

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