One Good Day

The most amazing gift we all have is, this day, this hour, this minute, this second and the entire life is a blessing. Every day we wake up and follow the same routine. Yeah, it’s really boring. Life will teach us so many good and bad lessons. Life has given us so many opportunities. Sometimes, it knocks the door and sometimes it slips off from your hand too. Grabbing the opportunity is in our hand. To all the PSGians, there are so many happy places on earth, one such happy place is our college. Life is the fastest train. If the passengers of this train have to remember us, we have to do something that wonders the people.

Another is E- Club. An entrepreneur is the one who sets up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit and the one who creates their own business. When I came into the club for the recruitment I never felt this much of comfort in a new place. From the person who stood at the front door welcoming us with warm greetings to the interviewers, the people were so friendly.  I still laugh thinking about how I had to answer my questions standing up cause the chairs were too high, the seniors took it in a stride and made sure they took out our best qualities.

After all, I’m proud to be a member of E-Club. It was an immense pleasure that I spend my day there and I got a new family. Together as a family and more to go.